Experts’s statements and users’s records

photo OLOlivier Lapierre (1952-2012) Professor at AgroParisTech, CEREOPA’s director (2003-2012), and creator of the PerfAlim’s food performance indicator 

“It has become quite normal to consider that the food safety issue isn’t the first preoccupation for French society anymore. The time when sustaining the food need of its population was valued as a necessity has come to an end. But this issue is more than ever significant when we consider the whole planet, its current 7 billion and its future 9 to 10 billion people to feed. French agriculture has a role to play regarding this issue. Even if it isn’t destined to feed the world, it has at least the responsibility to contribute to it. This issue also gains importance when this food challenge is associated with the ones of the energy and equipment supply, for which more and more areas are used. The industries that transform faming productions are also associated with this issue. They contribute to the economic stimulation, the exchanges balance and create employment.”

Olivier Lapierre, AgroParisTech professor - Le blog de l’agriculture positive (Juin 2008).





"When we calculated our farms greenhouse gas emission, we thought of improving this measure by putting into it the positive contributions of farmers towards our society. By using the CEREOPA’s PerfAlim tool, we have observed that Valfrance’s 750 000 annual tons of cereals allowed to feed 2.8 million people (based on proteins).”

Philippe Boeda, Valfrance’s R&D director - Repères Céréales n°21 (2012).





“As farmers we have a role to play in the feeding of the population. Our goal is to produce enough high-quality alimentation in the most respectful way for the environment. Quality is important because it’s what consumers are looking for. We want to produce respectfully because we love our land and we want to transmit a healthy ground to our children. It is also because we want to preserve fauna, flora and water. The food quantity is important because we are aware that the world population is growing: we’ll be 9 billion on earth and all the population will have to be fed.”

André Bocquillon, farmer in Baron (Oise) - Repères Céréales n°21 (2012)